Staff Profile- Marion Cheedy

What is your name? 

Marion Cheedy

How are you involved in the station? 

I am working on recording and interviewing Pansy Sambo about her life, for the Station Stories segment of the radio. 

I sat in on an interview with Elaine Campbell, she wrote Roy’s Story, a book based on her father’s daily life on the Coolawanyah station taken from extracts from his journal. It was a good training experience. 

I am also recording radio station promos with people from the community. 

I would like to interview more elders in the community live on air down the track. 

What is your professional background?

I’ve started learning radio and TV broadcasting through Goolari Media, I also work at the Roebourne Primary school as a Yindjibarndi language teacher. 

Do you enjoy working in Media? 

I do enjoy the work, there’s a lot involved that i didn’t know before. It’s great that there is a place where people in the community who wouldn’t normally have their voices heard can have their voices heard. 

What, in your opinion, is the best thing about working in indigenous radio and television?

The first thing, it’s owned by indigenous people, it’s community based, flexible hours, it’s interesting not being just in the office all day. The deadline stress is a bit worrying as well as hoping the audience is happy with our work. It’s important that the client is happy with the end project, I like to make sure that the story I am telling on behalf of another person is one that they can be pleased with. Also the radio station is helping to keep language and culture alive, and that is very important. 

What would you like to see or hear on Ngaarda Radio and TV? 

Maybe we could have more cultural content, a bit like a lesson about for example an artefact, what it is, what it was used for.  A language lesson also, maybe like a word of the day, how to say it and how to use it. The interviews are great so we need more of them from community people. Some radio plays and dramas would be good too. 

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